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We 💛 tools that work

We 💛 tools that work. So we connected our platform to some of those tools thinking you can get the most out of the sessions. We called these connections integrations.

We offer session, platform and account integrations. Your organizer and facilitator manage session level integrations. You connect your own account level or platform integrations.

We recommend our app. Obviously. But you can even use some features via Telegram and text messages.

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Session integration

Session integrations are connected by the organizer or the facilitator. Once connected, they're available for everybody participating in the session. You don't need to link your account to use session integrations.

You can connect your session to your Mattermost, your Rocket.Chat, your Slack. Or even plain old email.

People participating in the session can use connected services to share a thought, enabling further actions using the platforms you already use.

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Account integration

You add your own account integrations. These kind of account integrations are available to your account, within every session you're participating in.

You can use Asana, ClickUp, Coggle, Mindmeister, Monday and Trello.

Click any thought you'd like to share to the platform of choice. Our platform will create a new copy of the thought. Add a thought to Trello and use it to track time. Or add it to Mindmeister or Coggle.it and work on a mindmap from that thought. You decide what happens next.

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Platform integration

You add your own platform integrations. Our platform automatically shares information with the connected platform.

Use Toggl to register the time that was used for a session. We automatically share the consumed time after you connected your account and work on a session, so you don't have to.

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Adding thoughts

Our Android app is absolutely solid. It's built by the best. But why install an app when you can use Telegram to add thoughts. Or add a private thought using a text message.

What about adding a thought by sending a spoken message via Telegram? We might be able to do so once your account is setup properly.

What's stopping you? We're here. And ready.

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