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For the company

Every team member has good ideas. They just don’t always come out during the meeting. Thanks to brwnppr, colleagues can share their thoughts and ideas every moment of the day. Even if they wake up at night with that million dollar idea. You know, that idea you will have forgotten by the time you wake up if you don’t write it down. You wan’t to write it down.

We probably integrated brwnppr with the software you already use. And it works intuitively. You can add something to someone else's suggestion or just like them. And to make sure you really execute your plans, we’ll send reminders.

brwnppr works fast and efficient because everything is in one place. It’s easy to monitor if everything is going according to plan and if everyone is carrying out their tasks. That als makes it easy to look back and see how the workflow is going. Is there room for improvement? Maybe there is. We like to help you with that.

The special thing about brwnppr? There isn’t anything special about it. It all fits. You just have to use it.