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Sticky notes. But better.

A brown piece of paper and a hell of a lot sticky notes. Improving isn’t always easy. Until we introduced to you… brwnppr.

Welcome in an era where you actually save your notes. Digitally. So you can do what you do best. We’ll do the rest.

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Let’s do it better. Together.

We know, you’ve noticed. Everyone in the meeting is using their laptop or phone. So why do you still use paper? Thanks to brwnppr, you don’t need to. Saves you time, paper ánd the hassle.

No more sticky notes that turn out to be not so sticky at all. But the digital version. The sticky notes you can add to Slack, Asana, Trello, Mindmaster and your own calendar. It’s just one click. No more waiting for hours until someone digitized all the notes from the meeting but straight back to work.

Faster, better and - the part we love the most - effective.

Makes everyone at the workplace happy.

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How does brwnppr work?

A sticky notes-meeting? Find out what should go better? Everyone attending the meeting, can be added to the brwnppr-session. Just take your laptop or phone and you’re ready to start. With a special URL or a scanable code you’re in. Takes only a few seconds. In every new meeting, you can decide who’s who. Chairman, organizer or participant. Just name it. Your meeting will be way more vibrant. Online and offline. This is how you use your time wisely.

But you don’t just need brwnppr in a meeting. You’ll need it everywhere. A colleague with a great idea? He or she doesn’t have to wait for the next meeting. Just write it down on one of the digital sticky notes. brwnppr provides you with them. Endlessly. Cause it’s digital. No precious idea will ever be lost again. All the tasks you talk about during the sprint, are appointed thanks to brwnppr. Delay? We’ll send you a reminder. To make sure everything is said and done.

And do you know who always digitalizes the brown paper sessions? That’s gonna be a happy coworker from now on.

Okay cool, in a nutshell?

  • Share ideas and thoughts every moment of the day. Not just during a meeting.
  • Works with existing communication apps like SMS en . Telegram
  • No more sticky notes that will start to fly of the brown paper half way during the session.
  • All the meetings are instantly digitized.
  • Throwback Thursday? You can always check what was shared during the meeting.
  • Add topics to your session. More order, less hassle.
  • Great idea? brwnppr helps you make it happen. Just by reminding you every once in a while.
  • No laptop within reach? Don’t worry, there’s an app for that!

Anything else?

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No monthly bills you need to pay. No subscriptions. Just a digital ticket strip


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